Best International Film Winners

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2021 Denmark Another Round
2020 South Korea Parasite
2019 Mexico Roma
2018 Chile A Fantastic Woman
2017 Iran The Salesman
2016 Hungary Son of Saul
2015 Poland Ida
2014 Italy The Great Beauty
2013 Austria Amour
2012 Iran A Separation
2011 Denmark In a Better World
2010 Argentina The Secret in Their Eyes
2009 Japan Departures
2008 Austria The Counterfeiters
2007 Germany The Lives of Others
2006 South Africa Tsotsi
2005 Spain The Sea Inside
2004 Canada The Barbarian Invasions
2003 Germany Nowhere in Africa
2002 Bosnia No Man's Land
2001 Taiwan Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
2000 Spain All About My Mother
1999 Italy Life Is Beautiful
1998 The Netherlands Character
1997 Czech Republic Kolya
1996 The Netherlands Antonia's Line
1995 Russia Burnt by the Sun
1994 Spain Belle Epoque
1993 France Indochine
1992 Italy Mediterraneo
1991 Switzerland Journey of Hope
1990 Italy Cinema Paradiso
1989 Denmark Pelle the Conqueror
1988 Denmark Babette's Feast
1987 Netherlands The Assault
1986 Argentina The Official Story
1985 Switzerland Dangerous Moves
1984 Sweden Fanny and Alexander
1983 Spain Volver a empezar
1982 Hungary Mephisto
1981 Russia Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears
1980 West Germany The Tin Drum
1979 France Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
1978 France Madame Rosa
1977 Ivory Coast Black and White in Color
1976 Russia Dersu Uzala
1975 Italy Amarcord
1974 France Day for Night
1973 France The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
1972 Italy The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
1971 Italy Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
1970 Algeria Z
1969 Russia War and Peace
1968 Czechoslovakia Closely Watched Trains
1967 France A Man and a Woman
1966 Czechoslovakia The Shop on Main Street
1965 Italy Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
1964 Italy
1963 France Sundays and Cybèle
1962 Sweden Through a Glass Darkly
1961 Sweden The Virgin Spring
1960 France Black Orpheus
1959 France Mon oncle
1958 Italy The Nights of Cabiria
1957 Italy La strada