Marriage Story (2019)

Yes, we’ve all been there, a separation can be difficult, and this has been shown in movies multiple times. A divorce however, with all its legal intricacies, is a different beast, especially when kids are involved. This movies does a great job of showing a flawed couple going through this and how they both try to do what they think is best for their kid and future. What is particularly impressive is how the movie does not show any bias between which parent is the most at fault. They are both equally responsible for their failing relationship, and it’s hard to watch how they unwillingly fall into legal and bitter arguments over the course of the movie.

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The Farewell (2019)

This film shares a deeply personal story of writer/director Lulu Wang where a Chinese family hides the cancer diagnosis of their grandmother from herself. We discover through the eyes of Chinese-American Awkwafina in a refreshingly non-comedic role the differences between the eastern and western philosophy about health, family and death. The film shows the pros and cons of the two philosophies and does not dare choose for you which one is best. While this is a good setup for a film, it does make for a simple, quiet film without many twists and turns or bangs.

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Parasite (2019)

Veteran director Boon Joon Ho (The Host, Okja) wows international audiences with this comedic-drama-horror-thriller hybrid that sucks you in despite the very Korean feel. The first half is outstanding at building characters and immersing you in their fraudulent world, really a masterclass of film making. The ending does go back to its Korean drama roots with an extremely melodramatic sequence that slightly breaks the suspension of disbelief, putting this film just short of a perfect score in our book.

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