Boom Milk!
The Crew
game Qc_Storm - Leader, animator
Qc is teh boom milk of all boom milks. He invented it. He likes peanut colliders and dancing in the rain.
game Decade studious - Co-leader, animator
Decade has always been there for boom milk, an excellent milker. He is so good infact he is the only one who was able to perform a boom milk on a overcast Sunday afternoon.
game Kabomb - Coder, animator and web design
I'm lost for words.
game Funk - (I don't know yet)
Put your bootscootin' shoes on because Funk is indahouse!
game Fuji - (I don't know yet)
A mountain in Japan and a photo/camera company, Fuji booms the competition away.
game Reyals - (I don't know yet)
Used to work at NASA as a rocket scientist, but was unhappy with his pay and felt he could do better than that, so he came to Boom Milk.
game Kevalot - (I don't know yet)
Kevalot most famous habit is well known across the boom community- he kevs a lot.
game thaCHINEZking - (I don't know yet)
Owner of the most unsuccesful collabs! At least he IS the king of China.
game Onestar - (I don't know yet)
Not two, not three, but ONE STAR!!!!!!
game Daj - (I don't know yet)
His last name starts with an 's' and ends with an 's' OMFG how did I know that!