Boom Milk!
Anim1 11/1/06
This animation includes the following themes: Apple refridgerators eating pine sand whilst feeding the deoderant and putting their planets on top of scary muffin dwellers. A golf bag was once used to draw the visible ice coin, but failure was admitted after an explosion occurred inside the foam plane. Outside of the vicinity, sensors tried to check and gobble and found it very hard to play lego. BATRYSNOTINClUDD
Welcome 11/1/06
Welcome to the world of Boom Milk! A crew of talented flash developers, including animaters and coders have come together to show off their skills on Boom Milk. The leader, Qc_Storm, invented milk many years ago and has now decided to give it a 'kick' or a 'boom' (slight difference) and Boom Milk! was created (though it has nothing to do with milk). Click on the anims button to see the anims, to see the games click on the games button, to see the crew click the crew button and I'm sure you can tell that I'm stating the obvious so that I can fill some space in this news box so that it looks as much as real news would (not this test).