About Flash for Breakfast

Flash for Breakfast is a website dedicated to entertainment, mainly flash.
The website will also feature music, games, and movies.
Check back often for new content!

About the Creators

Most of the content of this website has been created by Dan Sure, aka Meebs. Dan Shure is a flash animator, actor, singer, and guitarist. He also likes meatballs.

The website itself was coded by Martin Cousineau, aka Mart, a French Canadian. Martin is a PHP, (x)HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, ActionScript coder. He's been playing piano (see the Tetris Theme, on the music page) since he was 5 years old. He hates tomatoes.

Technologies used on this Website

The website was coded using all the power of the Open-Source language PHP 5, executed on the server. For the client part (you), we use xHTML 1.1 for the structure, CSS 2 for the design, JavaScript for the popups.

I have deactivated JavaScript or my browser doesn't support it ! Can I still access to the site's content?
Of course! If you don't have JavaScript, instead of a popup, the link will just open in a new window, like a normal hyperlink.

Yesterday, when I went to the site, I got a weird message that said the "cache" was "reconstructing". Is that normal?
Yup! We have installed a Cache System to optimize the loading time of our pages. If you encounter this kind of message, wait 5 seconds and reload the page. Everything should be working.


One of our top goals is compatibility. Mart has coded the site to make it viewable in almost all existing browsers. Here is the list of the browsers we tested :

Privacy Policy

We, Flash for Breakfast, engage ourselves to respect this Privacy Policy. It may however change without notice.

Information we store about you

We store your IP, your browser, your location, your operating system, your screen resolution, your Internet Service Provider and the time you stay on our pages with the help of the tool PHPMyVisites. We store this informations for statistic purposes.
We do NOT and will NOT give or sell these informations to any group, company or association.
We might post on our website statistics like :
Quote: Flash For Breakfast
50% of our visitors uses Windows XP
but we will NOT post something like :
Quote: Flash For Breakfast
The IP 111.111.11 uses Internet Explorer in Windows and has a resolution of 800x600.


The only cookies we use are for storing your information (see Information we store about you). You can deactivate your cookies without losing any features of our website.

Third Party

The only third party tool we added is PHPMyVisites (see Information we store about you). We do not use any harmful third party tool.

Children's Guidelines

Some of the flash, movie or music content may not be suitable for children. Some of the content might contain swearing or mature/offensive humor.

Legal Notice

The name "Flash for Breakfast", the logos, the web design, all the flash, the movies and the musics are copyright Daniel Shure.
This site and ALL his content is protected by the international laws on the author's rights. It's strictly disallowed to copy this site or its content, in its structure or its content, without a written acceptation of Daniel Shure.
All codes are copyright Martin Cousineau. To use any of the scripts of this site on any other website is strictly disallowed without a written acceptation of Martin Cousineau.
IMPORTANT NOTE : The previous legal statement EXCLUDES the smilies, which are copyright NewbiesParadise.com; and the PHPMyVisites files, which are copyright Matthieu Aubry.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : Daniel Shure may have made the flash / movie / music with the help of another person. In this case, the copy rights would be shared between each creator, unless written acceptation.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3 : This legal statement might change without notice.

If you would like to use any of the music found on the music section in a movie, animation, or other work, you must give credit to Dan Shure in the final product.
If you wish to use any of the music commercially, you must contact Dan Shure first.

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Any person that abuses this system will have his IP number banned from the website. Thanks for your comprehension.

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