This is a collection of all the flash movies I've created.


Icon New!Indie Posted on 02/22/2008
This cartoon is sooo indie.
Icon Good to be Alive! Posted on 02/01/2008
Life is awesome!

This is an pretty old cartoon that I just finished for fun.
I had to replace the old music because it was copyrighted, so I recorded a new song for it.
It was a lot funnier with the old song, but oh well!
Icon Albino Cop Posted on 12/10/2007
Just another grueling day on the force...
Icon Epic Riffs Posted on 11/22/2007
An innovative guitar game that was originally made for the Newgrounds Rock Out Contest.

Move your mouse left and right to control your hand to catch the falling notes.
Icon He Stole My Teddy Posted on 11/19/2007
A very twisted adult cartoon, inspired by Marc M. slightly. This cartoon is NSFW in any way shape or form.
Icon The Bunny Suicide Collab Posted on 11/19/2007
A tribute to Andy Riley's books. This collab features animations by myself, funguy-dot-ca, madandugly, ekublai, british moose, and more!
Icon Valentine '29 Posted on 11/19/2007
This was a collaboration that I participated in, led by Hans Van Harken, that illustrates several takes on the Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929.
Artists:, ---Hans Van Harken --- Luis Castanon --- Osuka