This is a collection of all the songs I've created.


Icon Binders Posted on 02/04/2008
Binders, Whoa!
Icon Life is Awesome! Posted on 02/04/2008
Life is awesome!
Icon Hey! Posted on 01/31/2008
A gangster rap for my homies.
Icon Chestnuts Posted on 12/24/2007
A soft piano version of The Christmas Song
Icon Rudolph Posted on 12/18/2007
Another song off of the Christmas album, this time with a theme of you can guess what.
Icon Jinglin' Bells Posted on 12/15/2007
A song off my christmas album :p
Icon Stroll Posted on 11/28/2007
A fun little composition I made with a bunch of parts. This began as me just recording a bunch of stuff a capella, and then I translated it to instruments.
Icon Oh golly, the park! Posted on 11/21/2007
I'm going to the park today...
Icon Tetris Theme Posted on 11/16/2007
The Tetris Theme played by Mart on his keyboard ;\)