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Demo Reel 2007 Posted on 01/05/2008
Well, it's 2008 and we all know what that means!
Well... just in case your not psychic, I'll tell you. I made a demo reel featuring clips of all the various animations I've made this year. You can find it on the movies page, or watch it here.

Happy New Years!

Happy Holidays! Posted on 12/24/2007
Happy Holidays everyone!
I hope you have a good vacation/holiday season!

In related news, I finished my christmas album!
It's called 6 Songs For Christmas


You can listen to some of it on the music page!


Albino Cop Released Posted on 12/10/2007
While No Big Deal is still offline due to legal issues, Albino Cop is now available for your viewing pleasure!
Head on over to the flash section to watch it. Or you can watch it on Newgrounds!

I created this cartoon as a joint production between myself and rubydog movies. Make sure you check 'em out!

It's December I guess! Posted on 12/02/2007
Immediately after December starts, we get our first snow! It's currently snowing at a rate of 1 fps (one flake per second) but it's still exciting.


In terms of animation, I should have a cartoon coming out in a week perhaps. And then I'll also try to get "No Big Deal" up, but there are some legal issues. It will come up in some form.

ZOMG WHERE ARE THE PICTURES? Posted on 11/22/2007
Edit : Images are temporarily fixed but may go down again, without warning :p . Thanks for your comprehension.

Yeah, it's really sad... All the pictures are down :'\(

But don't worry, it won't last long :p

Some important changes are being made, that's why ;\)


No Big Deal! Posted on 11/20/2007
I made a new cartoon!
I was sick of having this 3/4 completed cartoon sitting on my hard drive,
so I rushed to finish it :D

EDIT: Cartoon taken down temporarily. More news on that later.


Guess who's back? Back again! Posted on 11/15/2007
Lol, well Flash for Breakfast is back!

Content will come back soon, Meebs will have to re-upload it because of the new host. :whistle:

Keep coming!


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