Indie Posted on 02/22/2008
I finished the cartoon I talked about in my last post.
It's way too indie for you.

Watch it on the flash page, or here.
It got put on the front-page of Newgrounds while it was still under judgement, which is quite an accomplishment in my eyes.

Cartoon in the works Posted on 02/20/2008
There's a cartoon i'm working on that's probably about 2/3 complete. It's going to be a bit different than what you've seen in the past from me, in terms of animation style AND subject. While it is supposed to be humorous, there's also big focus on the message being conveyed.

Hopefully I'll have that out in a few days. I'm also participating in a few collaborations, but I can't give out too much info on those yet. :zorro:

Binders Posted on 02/04/2008
Flash for breakfast and Lemon Tart Productions have decided to bring you Binders. Binders is a music video informing the viewer about how binders are the wave of the future.
Watch It
Download the song on the music page!

Good to be Alive! Posted on 02/01/2008
New cartoon!

Head on over to the flash section to check out Good to be Alive. This is that "No Big Deal" cartoon you kept hearing about that I had to remove due to legal issues with the song that was in it. Well, I replaced the song with a new one that I recorded, and the cartoon is back up!

The new song isn't as funny, but at least it's up! The song featured in the movie should be available for download on the music page soon.

Stickers Posted on 01/31/2008
I made some stickers for flash for breakfast.


Maybe I'll do some under-cover sticker-slapping!

In other news, No Big Deal is being redubbed with some new original music so that I can continue to host it.
I also have some other stuff in the works. Stay tuned!

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